Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Good Future,Good Past

Editor of the post [Muhammad Saqlain]

A Girl Needs A Boy With A Good Future,A Boy Needs A Girl With A Good Past!

     Looking at facts of life, another fact this is grasped is that both the genders have their own taste in the opposing. A girl wishes to acquire a guy that has a good job, and a supporting education, whereas a guy looks for a girl who is totally clean, someone who is fresh, and is not hurt by past relationships gone wrong. Although most guys do get a good education and a good salary,some guys don't, and most girls have also been hurt by ex-boyfriends, but some have not.  This fact can be accepted that although everyone looks for the suitable person, it is not as easy as it seems.
     Now take a look at the quote below, to understand what I mean, and build an opinion for yourself.
''Girl Needs A Boy With A Good Future,Boy Needs A Girl With A Good Past!''
     This quote is self explanatory, and very much true for most cases. Glance over at a girls perspective only to realize that girls are caring, and are in need for a good family that they can start of their own and live happily in it, It is like the perfect fantasy for most girls. In order to start a family, money is very much essential and in order to get a hold of that, girls would need a guy that can support her, and her family. Although this is the softer side of a lot of girls, some girls would beg to differ. These other girls would like to spend time with their boyfriend like never before, and have the time of their lives; all rolling back to the most essential quality that a man needs to have in order to satisfy his girl: Money, Job, and a bright future.

     Now over to the guy's perspective. Guys are not like the average girl, and most guys do not care whether a girl makes good money, or makes any money at all. Instead they look for a girl that they can call their, a girl that belongs to only the guy alone, a girl that has not had a bad past with ex-boyfriends, a girl that can open her heart and pour waves of love for the guy alone, a girl that can attend the guy with any type of pleasure and joy he wishes. All this concludes to a guy wanting a girl that can open her heart to him, and not worry about being hurt like she has been before.

     Although these are requirements essential for more guys and girls, It is usually figured by experimenting and trying new things with different people in order to find the perfect taste that each gender looks for. Some people achieve happiness when they find the right key to the lock, and some get left stranded looking for that key.

Stay blessed!

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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

97% Of The Things You Worry About Don't Even Happenp

Sometimes in life time will come when we scarred from things which were going to kill us and for the attention of future we will become very worried,try to do something change or wishes will come on tongue that this worry will hide by happiness,so when time will comes and things are just happiness in very simple way then we suddenly excited and performs thanks to GOD for making things simple or beneficial for us.GOD never make any bad for us. we just deserve bad by doing bad in past or present.always believe  in GOD and also in your selves.it will make you happy and comes jars of  happiness :)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


This Pic Is Tell Us The Real fact Of Our Life.Because Many Times,Many people In the world GET EFFECTED by this fact During Language,Chit Chat Or Simply Speaking.
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Introduction To Facts of Life


my dear viewers..this blog i made due to i realize that we need some plate forum where we can read our life facts.here i am try to write some realistic facts of life.life is full of competition .here you found many of people around you which were try to overcome on you,so for better future you must have to compile your attention to lead this world!